Netflix snags global streaming rights for The Killing season 3

NETFLIX, INC. STILLAMC’s detective series The Killing had an inconsistent first couple of seasons, but it is surprisingly returning for a third. Netflix may have assisted that, by sewing up exclusive rights to stream the show worldwide, with the third season coming to US and Canadian subscribers three months after its cable TV finale. The first two seasons are already on the US service and will appear in other regions over the next few months. We’ve seen Netflix use its analytics to decide to air a brand new show (House of Cards) and bring back one that’s been cancelled (Arrested Development), but this time it’s picking up a currently airing series that probably plays better in “binge viewing” format than week-by-week. Whatever the case, even with premium channels and streaming services chasing original content, the odds of your favorite niche program getting its six seasons and a movie appear to have never been better.