We’ve Added More Features!

coming-soon-large-500We thought we’d spring a little surprise on you and drop a relatively small update to Moreflicks.

As you’ve probably noticed the biggest change is that we’ve added BBC iPlayer to the list of providers.

Those of you with a keen eye will notice we’ve tweaked the layout ever so slightly, bringing in a more uniform look to the movie thumbnails.

If you use moreflicks on your iPad, iPhone or mobile device – you’ll see that the social media and feedback tabs stay out the way to improve your mobile experience.

We’ve also put more hamsters in the wheel* to make the site work that bit faster, and squished a lot of the nasty bugs that were lingering around.

Now our noses are back to the grindstone, whilst we develop and implement some pretty big features for our next drop, some of which you guys came up with!

If you have an idea, feature or find a pesky bug that has evaded our bug spray – then please let us know. Just click the “Feedback” tab to the left on the main site, and leave us your feedback. You have the power to shape what Moreflicks is to become!

*No hamsters are harmed in the wheel, they watch Netflix all day and are fed well :)




New Features Incoming!

We’re pleased to announce that we’re beginning to roll out a new version of Moreflicks! It’s taken us longer than anticipated to get this version out, but we hope you guys will love it.

New Providers


We’ve added Vudu, Fox and Crackle. We’ve also changed the interface slightly. Just select which providers you want to search, then press “GO!”. Continue reading

Here’s What Netflix’s Personalized Profiles Look Like


GigaOm has some shots of Netflix’s new personalized profiles, which break down preferences and watching habits by person, on the same account. So a dad won’t be inundated with Twilight movies, and so on. It looks more or less like you’d expect, with the profile pictures being fairly generic cartoon faces. Check out the rest of the images over at GigaOm. The only disadvantage is if this does happen, you’ll have no-one to blame your viewing habits on ;)