Moreflicks UK has arrived

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You may have noticed some musings about Moreflicks UK coming soon. I’m pleased to announce it is now live and running.

Head over to Moreflicks¬†UK, play around and find something you want to watch. As it’s still new please let us know if there’s anything you think would improve it or something that bugs you. There is a feedback link on the site but you can also contact us on twitter and Facebook.

From the main home screen you can search Movies or TV Shows, playing on Netflix, iTunes, BBC iPlayer and Crackle. Like the main moreflicks site you can browse by Genre, Top Movies, Oscar Winners, Most Popular, New Arrivals and and that are expiring soon.

So, whatver you fancy watching, whether it’s something to keep the kids quiet as it’s raining outside (as I write this it’s hail-stoning!) or perhaps you want to snuggle up with a loved one and catch up with a missed TV show, find it here.

Thanks :-)


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