Top Picks For Kids 02/16/2013

Looking for something for the kids to watch? Here’s our top picks for this week!

Girl vs. Monster (2012)
Teenager Skylar Lewis discovers that her parents have a secret avocation when she innocently releases a cache of monsters in the family basement. Now it’s up to Skyler and her best pals to recapture the creatures before they savage her parents.
Netflix rating: 4.2 – IMDB rating: 5.2
Available on Netflix USA

Space Jam (1996)
Michael Jordan hoops it up with Looney Tunes characters in this romp that blends live action with animation. The Tune Squad takes on a team of aliens to decide whether the Tunes will stay on Earth or become attractions at an intergalactic theme park.
Netflix rating: 3.5 – Vudu rating: 4.0 – IMDB rating: 5.9
Available on Vudu and Netflix Denmark, Finland, Norway & Sweden

Beyblade: Metal Fusion (2010)
In this anime adventure series for kids, the forces of good and evil “blade it out” — battling each other with enchanted spinning tops — as our hero and his buddies take on the Dark Nebula, a group intent on world domination.
Netflix rating: 3.9 – Vudu rating 4.8
Available on Vudu and Netflix Denmark, Sweden & USA

Invader Zim (2001-2006)
Zim, a pint-sized alien with an attitude, decides to single-handedly conquer the human race. Standing in his way is a paranoid kid named Dib. Since neither of them is exactly competent, their confrontations tend to result in disaster.
Netflix rating: 4.1 – Vudu rating: 4.0 – IMDB rating: 8.5
Available on Vudu and Netflix Brazil, Canada, Mexico & USA



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