Hulu Lands Prisoners Of War – Season 2

Keshet International have entered a deal with Hulu for the second season of Prisoners Of WarThe story follows two soldiers who return home after being held captive for 17 years. Sounds familiar? It was this that was adapted into the acclaimed, award winning U.S series “Homeland”.

In 2012, season two of Prisoners of War was the highest rated drama on Israel TV with an average audience share of 40%. It even scored a 7.5 rating on IMDB. Netflix have also struck a deal to bring the first season to Netflix Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, although there is no news on when it will appear. We’ll let you know as soon as it does!

Season One of Prisoners of War is available to watch now over on Hulu Plus.

2 thoughts on “Hulu Lands Prisoners Of War – Season 2

  1. I have googled the daylights out of this issue, searched high and low and do not find any Season Two of Prisoners of War….ANYWHERE.

    “Show me!…..”

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