BETA NEWS: Introducing Search by Actors and Directors

Further to us implementing the genre feature as detailed here, we’ve been beavering away  on something else too!

Introducing the ability to search by Actor or Director. Perfect if you want to find all the films you can watch featuring your favorite leading lady!

To use just simply put the actor or directors name in the search box. And our search will call up all the films featuring him or her. Here it is in action….

Here you can see I searched for Jennifer Tilly

Pressed the search button and et voila! All the films available to watch on Hulu and Netflix featuring her.

 You can also see who else co-starred with her in the film Monsters Inc… What’s more is their names are now links, so you can see what they’ve starred in or what other movies they’ve directed!

We’re sure you’ll love this feature, and as ever we want to hear what you think. You will shape how Moreflicks evolves. Just go and read this post to find out how.

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