BETA NEWS: Introducing Genres

Following on from the launch of our preview, one of the main things we asked you to do was submit feedback to us. You will shape Moreflicks, and as part of that process we’ve been listening to you, we’re pleased to announce we’re now in BETA!

One of the most popular features that you all want to see – is the ability to search by category of film i.e by genre. We’ve been working hard to incorporate this, and in fact have re-written how the search function works to make this possible. We’ve also introduced search by actor and director, but more on that at the end of this post.

To use genres you simply just click on the genre you want to browse

Simples! Further to this feature you can also search by actor or director as detailed here.

We’re sure you’ll love this feature, and as ever we want to hear what you think. You will shape how Moreflicks evolves. Just go and read this post to find out how.

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