purging “Modern Family” has been holding the last five episodes of the ABC sitcom “Modern Family”, but they recently started removing them early. The episode “Mistery Date” is being removed Wed. Dec. 12, 2012 even though it only aired less than a month before on Nov. 14, 2012. Hulu will have only two episodes available to be viewed for free. “The Middle” in contrast still has five free episodes on Hulu including some that aired in October.

The most likely reason that episodes of “Modern Family” are being pulled is that “Modern Family” is going into syndication in 2013 and the manipulation of its availability on Hulu could increase chances that viewers miss episodes and therefore are forced to watch them when they come on at strange hours on local stations.

“Modern Family” should end this season as the second highest rated sitcom to “Big Bang Theory”. It is an ensemble show involving different versions of families.

All of the already aired episodes of “Modern Family” from this season will still be available on a subscription basis on Hulu plus.

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