Amazon Instant Video available for iPhone and iPod Touch – Apple TV next?

Whilst iPad owners have been gloating for so long that they were the only ones to have this, now iPhone and iPod Touch users can cry with glee. Amazon have confirmed that its Instant Video app is now available for two of Apple’s more popular iOS products. Much like the iPad version, this one provides access to over 30,000 titles from Prime Instant Video available to Prime members for no extra cost, while the roaming public at large can tap into some 140,000 titles at various price points. To watch movies or TV episodes from Amazon Instant Video on iPhone and iPod touch, customers can simply search for the content they’ve already rented or purchased from Amazon Instant Video, and the company’s also throwing in “Your Watchlist” and “Your Video Library” features, too.

As per usual, the app itself is free to download. The only downside for those wondering about AirPlay support is unfortunately, it remains audio-only. I hate to speculate but how long before we see Amazon Instant Video following in the footsteps of Hulu and see it appear for Apple TV?

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