Netflix Top Picks – 11/22/2012

Here’s this weeks Top Picks! If you see anything that you think the whole world should know about – just leave a comment below. 

Kill The Irishman (2011)
This true crime tale from director Jonathan Hensleigh charts the bloody rise and fall of Irish mobster Danny Greene, who faced down the Mafia to claim control of organized crime in Cleveland, Ohio, in the 1970s.
Netflix rating: 3.8/5 - IMDB – 7.1/10

Re-Animator (1985)
Based on a story by H.P. Lovecraft, this campy send-up follows a medical student who develops a serum that miraculously revives the dead. With his roommate and his girlfriend, he reanimates a corpse — but he doesn’t factor in certain complications.
Netflix rating: 3.4/5 - IMDB – 7.3/10

Senna (2010)
This fast-paced documentary profiles Ayrton Senna, one of the greatest drivers in the history of Formula One racing, and a hero in his native Brazil. Using archival footage, director Asif Kapadia examines the idealistic Senna’s inspiring legend.
Netflix rating: 4.3/5 - IMDB – 8.6/10

Lockout (2012)
A former government agent wrongly accused of a crime gets a shot at freedom — if he can engineer a high-risk mission to outer space in order to rescue the president’s daughter from a prison where the inmates are in control.
Netflix rating: 3.5/5 - IMDB – 6.1/10

The Hunger Games (2012)
In a dystopian future ruled by a totalitarian regime, resourceful Katniss and her partner, Peeta, represent their district in the lethal Hunger Games — a televised survival competition in which teenage contestants fight each other to the death.
Netflix rating: 4.1/5 - IMDB – 7.3/10

2 thoughts on “Netflix Top Picks – 11/22/2012

  1. In future, it would be great if you mentioned which Netflix catalogs each movie is being shown on. After all, the blog is all about cross catalog searching etc. Even list of two letter country codes would be useful.

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