CBS & Hulu Announce Streaming Deal

CBS and Hulu recently announced a non-exclusive, multi-year licensing agreement to stream program’s from the network’s extensive television library on the Hulu Plus subscription service, which offers unlimited instant streaming of current hit shows; available on TVs and many other internet connected devices in HD for $7.99 a month.

The CBS content will begin to appear on Hulu Plus in January 2013, and over the following months, Hulu Plus subscribers will have access to more than 2,600 episodes from the CBS library series for shows such as ‘Medium’, ‘Numb3rs’ and ‘CSI: Miami’ as well as classics series like ‘Star Trek’, ‘I Love Lucy’ and ‘The Twilight Zone’. Clips from ‘Entertainment Tonight’ will also be available the day of broadcast on Hulu and Hulu Plus. A selection of CBS library shows will also rotate through the free service, and additional titles will be announced.

Scott Koondel, the Senior Vice President of Corporate Licensing for CBS Corporation had this to share, “We’re excited to deliver CBS library programming to Hulu Plus subscribers, marking another agreement that meets the growing demand for our content on new platforms while establishing other incremental ways to get paid for our library”.

Meanwhile, Andy Forssell, the Senior Vice President of Content for Hulu had this to say about the agreement, “CBS has a long history of producing truly great TV. Hulu Plus subscribers are entertainment lovers who spend their time watching shows they love, versus shows they might only just like. Those two facts make for a fantastic combination, because this collection of CBS titles are shows that people revere and that really matter to fans of great TV like our subscribers”.

CBS and Hulu previously announced licensing agreements for CBS-produced programming that airs on The CW and for CBS content on Hulu’s subscription service in Japan.

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One thought on “CBS & Hulu Announce Streaming Deal

  1. Dear CBS Network i have a wii and yes yall do have CBS on Hulu Plus and it on my but you what be nice if you good guy could sigh up with Hulu Plus and add CBS47WTEV that so everybody all over the hold words so people can see there favor TV. Show and there favorr TV. Soap and anything else what they won’t watch on TV. signing out your Ron

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